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What is Fraud Buster?

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Fraud Buster is the world leading online fraud detection service. It analyzes all orders based on multiple aspects, from IP (Proxies), Credit card, BIN, Address, Telephone etc… giving a very accurate result. Fraud Buster gives you various recommendations based on the analysis, helping you avoid many consuming manual authentication processes, saving time for both the merchant and the customers, while significantly reduce risks and improve customers shopping experience.

The mission

“Bring an end to online fraudulent” or “Let US worry about YOUR frauds”

Why Fraud Buster?

Unlike many other service provider companies, we don’t just provide the services - we experiment on our own ecommerce products1. Fraud Buster is proprietary fraud detection, which have gone through massive improvement daily over the last 3.5 years, based on hand on experiences dealing with fraudsters. Together with expert developers with dedicated knowledge on IP masquerading techniques, we have the ability to detect 99.95% of fraud transactions2.

We have a real-time shared networks for merchants in which when a fraudulent transaction is carried out in one merchant, it will be detected, and appear in the network, protecting all other merchants.

So, with Fraud Buster, you can stop worry about frauds, and concentrate on your business.