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When a online merchant (client server) receives an order which he suspects is made from a proxy host, he can request a fraud analysis (on condition that the merchant has registered with FDS and had a valid licence from FDS) to Fraud Buster Server. Once, the request is received, Fraud Buster Server will perform the analysis to determine if the suspected host is a proxy based on various technologies (namely Proxy Detection, IP to Location, BIN lookup, Telephone Verification).

FDS will immediately return to the merchant a basic result. The proxy detection process usually takes up 60 to 120 seconds and its result will be posted to the return URL provided by the online merchant (client server).

During proxy detection process, FD distributed servers perform deep IP address analysis for further traces of proxy servce to detect if the suspected host is of any type of the following proxies:

  • Anonymous proxy
  • Open proxy
  • Transparent proxy
  • SOCKS proxy
  • Double SOCKS proxy (Premium package)
  • VPN (Premium package)

When the IP address analysis is complete, FB server will send a completion notification to client server to inform the status of the process. If the process is successful, client server can retrieve the final result at the return URL return URL which client server provided at the beginning.

The final result will include a throughout report on the host and FDS’s own recommendations. Based on the report, online merchant can now make decision on whether the order is potentially fraudulent or not.