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Features Comparison & Pricing

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Features Standard Service Premium Service
IP address location check    
Country Match x x
IP Country Value x x
IP in High Risk Country x x
Distance between IP and billing location x x
IP Region Value x x
IP City Value x x
IP Latitude/Longitude x x
IP ISP/Organization Value x x
Proxy Detection    
Anonymous Proxy x x
Open Proxy x x
Transparent Proxy x x
SOCKS Proxy x x
Double SOCKS Proxy   x
VPN   x
E-mail Check    
Free E-mail x x
High Risk E-mail x x
High Risk User Name x x
High Risk Password x x
Issuing Bank BIN Check    
BIN Country Match x x
BIN Name Output x x
BIN Phone Output x x
Address and Phone Number Check    
Phone prefix location check x x
High-risk shipping address x x
City, State and Zipcode verification x x
Fraud Score    
Explanation of Fraud Score x x
Fraud Score x x
Pricing Information    
Cost per query $0.05 $0.075